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Welcome to

Progressive Librarians Guild: University of Arizona

 Chapter Wiki







Next PLG Meeting:

Our next meeting will be on October14th at Revolutionary Grounds (4th Ave.) at 6pm. Please come join us!




Check out our Facebook page for other updates.





Read the latest issue of our PLG-UA Newsletter: PLGFallNewsletter.pdf





2013-2014 Meeting Schedule



PLG General Meetings:

 6pm @ Revolutionary Grounds on 4th Ave.


September 9th

October 14th

November 11th

February 10th

April 14th

May 12th 


PLG "Social-In":

6PM @ Delectables on 4th Avenue 


November 14th

December  12th

January 16th

February 13th

April 17th

May 15th



PLG Free Your Speech (Blogging Workshops/Discussion):

 6:30pm @ Revolutionary Grounds on 4th Ave.


September 9th

October 14th

November 11th

February 10th

April 14th

May 12th







*Anyone is welcome to request access to this wiki; you do not need to be a paying member. Use the field on the right, or email the President or Webmaster.




PLG: UA Chapter Statement

As the University of Arizona Chapter of Progressive Librarians Guild, we strive to uphold and promote social responsibility and diverse points of view through participation in the LIS field. We believe that direct communication on progressive issues with LIS students and professionals, as well as the community, will provide opportunities for improving libraries and communities for all. Through cooperative discussion, projects, and direct action on myriad subjects, and from multiple viewpoints, we aspire to attain the ideals of a true democratic society.



SIRLS requires adherence to the University of Arizona's Student Code of Conduct, available online at http://dos.web.arizona.edu/uapolicies/.  All SIRLS students must be familiar with the prohibitions included in this Code of Conduct as well as the consequences for failure to comply with the Code. Any person or group hosting events for students, alumni, faculty, and friends should remind participants of our Code of Conduct, and perhaps require the submission of a 'Risk Management Waiver of Responsibility Form' (attached) to ensure participants understand their responsibilities.varennes.jpg

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